Fabco-Air Store F.A.Q.

Q. What is Fabco-Air's return policy for online store purchases?
A. Here at Fabco-Air, most of our products are hand built to order.
We charge a 20% restocking fee for all returns not related to manufacturing or order processing errors to help cover our assembly costs.
Fee is applied to list price at the time of order, and does not include shipping costs.
All returns must be in unused condition and returned within 30 days from order date.
All returns must be assigned a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number prior to being shipped back to Fabco-Air.
RGA numbers may be obtained by calling Fabco-Air and asking for the "Customer Service" department.
Q. How soon will my order be processed?
A. As stated above, most of our products are hand built to order.
Processing can take two to three business days, but we try to make sure orders are processed (including shipped) the same day. In the event your order will take more than 3 days to complete, we will notify you by email.
Orders placed after 2:00pm EST Monday through Friday will begin being processed the following business day.
Fabco-Air does observe some standard Holidays. We also close for a few days in the first week of January to do inventory adjustments.
Please take all the above into consideration when choosing expedited shipping.
If you have any questions as to whether or not we will be open, or how soon we can get you order out, please contact us .
Q. How can I check the status of my order?
A. You should automatically receive an email for every status change on your order.
Alternatively, you can use the order status page.
Q. Hey! Why was my order canceled?
A. In most cases, this is caused by incorrect credit card data entered at checkout, or the AVS/CVV codes did not match.
To protect against fraud, we will not process a transaction that fails verification.
If you feel you order was canceled in error, please contact us to have it corrected.
Q. I don't live in the USA. Can I still order?
A. The Fabco-Air Online Store is only capable of processing domestically shipped orders paid for with credit cards issued in approved countries.
If you plan to use a forwarder to handle your order, you must still pay with a card from an approved country.
Alternatively, see our international distributors.
Q. I don't see the product I am looking for. Can I still buy it direct?
A. Unless you see the item you are looking for in the store, chances are you will have to purchase it through one of our distributors.
Fabco-Air is working on adding additional product lines.
Q. What is the deal with Florida sales tax?
A. Fabco-Air is located in Florida, so if you are too, we have to charge you sales tax.
Florida's base rate is 6%. This is how much we calculate at the time of order.
Every county in Florida has it's own surcharge, ranging from .25% to 2.5%.
These taxes are only levied on the first $5,000, and will be added when we charge your account near order completion.
Q. Why are some options on the product details page grayed out?
A. Usually this indicates a dependency on another option.
Place your pointer over the question icon next to the option's name for more information (try it here, too).
Q. I moved my pointer over the question icon but nothing happened.
A. Moving your pointer over the question icon should produce a floating tooltip.
If not, it could be because you internet browser has JavaScript disabled, a firewall or proxy is filtering your internet traffic, or your browser is very out of date.